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Nerd Night: Zombie Apocalypse, is Hawaii safe?

Apparently, Honolulu’s high walk score makes it easier for zombies to get around. And, our lack of hardware stores makes it harder for us to find weapons, our hospitals give zombies easy access to defenseless food, and our traffic problem makes it hard for us to run away. So according to the Huffington post when the zombie apocalypse breaks out.- Hawaii is SCREWED. But are we... really? As long as Hawaii is not point zero (then yes, we are screwed), and the infectious agent didnʻt have a long incubation period to make it through Honolulu Airport (then yes, most likely we are also screwed)... what is the risk of Hawaii residents facing a full blown zombie assault? To better understand this, we need to think about this from an oceanographic perspective. Given the circulation of the ocean - what percentage of zombies will make landfall in Hawaii? Where will zombie "floaters" end up? And come on - what about sharks? and decomposition rates? thats just basic science right there. Join me on 10/6/2015 at Anna O Briens for a spooktacular Nerd Night talk addressing just how safe or screwed we may be when the living dead come out to play.


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