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Writing the kaʻao of new international immersive Research Experiences: Hawaii to Galapagos

Exciting times are ahead as we join forces with Dr. Creighton Litton and the incredible team that put together a successful NSF- IRES (International Research Experience for students) to provide an immersive learning experience like no other. To align this program with UH Mānoa's goal to become a Native Hawaiian Place of Learning we have received support from the University of Hawaii Mānoa Provost Office to creating the kaʻao of UH Mānoa's haumāna's migration to and from Galápagos, igniting a journey that promises to be both enlightening and transformative.

What to Expect: Students involved in this remarkable endeavor will dive headfirst into hands-on research, interact with diverse ecosystems, and gain a profound understanding of Island Invasion Biology. But what makes this project truly special is the incorporation of Native Hawaiian cultural perspectives. We acknowledge the invaluable indigenous knowledge that enriches our scientific research, making it more holistic and deeply rooted.

This collaboration symbolizes a commitment to embracing the wisdom of Native Hawaiian culture while advancing scientific exploration. It's a unique opportunity for our students to not only expand their academic horizons but also grow as individuals who understand the importance of diversity and inclusivity in their scientific pursuits.

As we embark on this journey, we anticipate a profound impact on our students, our research, and our shared understanding of the world. Stay tuned for updates and stories from the field as we venture into the Galápagos and explore the intersections of science and culture.

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